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The winter month’s can really play havoc with your skin condition, I’m sure you agree? From the harsher weather to the increase in our central heating temperatures, some of us don’t realise but our skin is crying out for that extra moisture and protection. To maintain the best complexion throughout the season, I have included my top 10 tips, whatever your skin type, to help you come out of the other side with your skin health intact, whilst keeping your chemical footprint to a minimum (of course!):

1. Add a hydrating serum or oil into your skincare regime to reduce dryness and dehydration. A serum or oil should really be used as part of a skincare regime on a daily basis, but the most important time of year has to be winter. These products are not only essential for a youthful look, as they penetrate the layer of skin which produces your natural collagen and boosts production. But, they add that much needed moisture barrier to maintain skin hydration. Add to your night and day cream too, after cleansing and toning to really create the radiant complexion.

2. Alcohol intake can dehydrate the skin enormously especially at this time of year, when the intake rises. Therefore your should be more aware of your skins  hydration needs. To avoid an ageing and dry look, try to drink more water and anti-inflammatory warmer drinks. Green & chamomile teas or coconut water are ideal.

3. Hydration sprays for an "on the go" skin drink are an easy way to not only give your skin an instant hydration boost whenever you feel the need, but they set your makeup look too. Cover two bases at once and invest in a natural and organic hydration spray for your skin type.

4.Skin health supplements are available to give your skin treatment from the inside. Please make sure you purchase certified organic and natural supplements as we do not want you adding to your chemical footprint unnecessarily!

5.Get your skincare right for your skin type as every skin has different needs. Make sure you provide your skin whether it is oily, mature or sensitive with the correct products to help it be the best it can be.

6.Use a night cream for round the clock moisture is a must in winter because of the extra heat in our homes, which does not do your skin any good, especially whilst you sleep. Protect it through the night, and you’ll wake up in the morning with happier skin;-))

7.Give your hands a help as they work very hard and we surely want them to look youthful and healthy? Dry hands are very common, especially in winter. Using a certified organic and natural hand product, will not only intensely moisturise, but it will not irritate or chemically dry the skin out.

8.Body skincare and brushing to keep a radiant glow. Body brushing is very useful so that dead skin cells do not dull the skin and your body products are not wasted, as your skin cells are ready to digest as much moisture as you're ready to provide!

9.Lip care I’m sure you’re aware is crucial at this time of year. How we hate dry lips!! So, yes a natural and organic lip, drink or treatment cannot be overlooked.

10.Don’t forget your scalp! An area we often forget all about, but can show signs of stress due to dry air in the home or the colder weather. Scalp and hair treatments are available and the more organic the better, so as not to add further irritation to this delicate area.

I hope the above help and your skin is happier as a result. Happy Winter!

Emma Haddad Harvey


The Love Organics Company