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Due to our founders personal story,we support The Vasculitis Foundation charity, (originally The Stuart Strange Trust), this was founded 20 years ago and has been a valuable source of information and help to people in the UK.  We have also supported the Vasculitis Foundation in Kansas City for many years.  The Vasculitis Foundation has world wide recognition and contacts for reasearch, information and communication for patients, carers and a wealth of expertise in all the various forms of this group of diseases.  Both of these charities are instrumental in creating awareness and support for vasculitis.  In addition, there are a number of support groups throughout the UK who each make an undeniable effort to help, support and raise awareness for Vasculitis.   

 So What Is Vasculitis? Vasculitis is an uncommon disease that can affect various areas in the body.  Vasculitis is generally described as inflammation of the blood vessels, some forms of the disease are more rare than others, but the condition itself remains rare and often mistaken in diagnosis. 

 Research continues, but unfortunately the disease being termed as "another service" of what is generally  recognised for more commonly widely known conditions, such as cancer or heart disease, does not attract as much funding, and this is something we feel is very important and hope to raise more awareness effectively in the wider media. see:- http://www.vasculitis.org.uk/ also http://www.vasculitisfoundation.org