Welcome to Love Organics:


‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ is a phrase used to imply that dire situations can inspire creation.

When Emma Harvey, founder of Love Organics Company, was diagnosed with an incurable auto immune disease called Wegeners Granulomatosis Vasculitis [at the age of 18], she struggled for years to adapt to a life without harmful chemicals. Wegeners Granulomatosis Vasculitis is an incurable disease where your immune system is over active and attacks your body when it has nothing else to fight, be it an infection or cold etc. It usually affects young or middle-aged adults. Although it is uncommon in children, it can affect people at any age. The cause of Wegener’s Granulomatosis is not known.

Emma decided to take control of her health, and made it her mission to “Live as organically and naturally as possible by avoiding products with chemicals and any unnecessary harmful ingredients.”

But it wasn’t that easy – with no websites offering everything in the same place it took hours to source and cost a small fortune. Emma knew it couldn’t just be her who had this problem and wanted to produce a website to help others in the same situation. After months of research Love Organics Company (LOC) was born.

Love Organics Company pride themselves on only offering organic and natural certified products, this means all ingredients and materials used are produced with no (or extremely minimal) harmful chemicals and awarded a accreditation by stringent independent bodies such as the Soil Association.

Emma wants people to know LOC isn’t just another natural or organic website: “We’ve done lots of research and all of our products are thoroughly checked. We are a natural and organic living site for all the family and home and offer a product range to reflect this.

“You don’t have to have an illness to use our products; everyone is susceptible to the effects of these harmful chemicals so anyone can benefit.”

So if you’re searching for everything from natural sun care, organic make up, baby products, chemical-free saucepans, cleaning products or Christmas gifts, you can now find them all in one place at The Love Organics Company. And of course most of these products carry the added benefit of being far less harmful to the environment, so in helping yourself, you are helping the planet.